Phobe is a Child Development Specialist at our Early Years Centres and Kindergartens in Queensland. With 10 years of career experience under her belt, we sat down with her to understand about her  role and passion for working with children.

What made you want to become a Child Development specialist?

As a teenager I worked part-time at a day care. I realised I loved seeing children learn and grow, especially when they involved me as part of their learning journey. 

This led me to complete a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies, which furthered my passion for the childcare sector. Following that I gained a Master of Human Services, where I learnt we could provide a more holistic approach to child development. 

These experiences made me confident that  being a Child Development Specialist would be a career I’d be passionate about for the rest of my life. 

What achievement are you most proud of during your time working at the Kindergartens or Early Years Centres? 

One of my greatest achievements in this role is being able to build relationships with the families in this community. Also, being able to connect children and families to a suitable Kindergarten to provide a strong foundation for learning in school is something I am proud of.

What does a typical working day involve for you? How do your clients benefit from what you do? 

This depends on the day! 

At the Early Years Hub I facilitate playgroups and supported playgroups (Connect2Kindy, Multi-Age Playgroup and Baby & Me group) with another Child Development Specialist and a Child Health Nurse. We focus on connecting with children and their parents during their play  to support their developmental and health needs. I also provide information suited to particular family’s needs, including kindergarten enrolment and access. After cleaning up, we follow-up any plans for individual support, as well as plan with other facilitators to prepare for our next group.

At the Beaudesert Kindergarten, I spend the day connecting with children to help build their enthusiasm for learning. Seeing children develop and grow is hugely rewarding. Maintaining a high quality of education is a priority my colleagues and I reflect on and discuss every day. 

Spending time at the kindergarten can really equip our children with a passion for learning, which is crucial for building a strong foundation for their next years in schooling. Our  kindergarten environment provides an important opportunity for children to develop their social and emotional skills.

Kindergarten is such an important part in preparing your child for school and their learning journey throughout their life. Our Kindergarten Team are dedicated educators with a long history and local knowledge of the Beaudesert community. To find out more about the kindergarten, and Early Years Centres Hubs in your area click the links for Early Childhood Education Centre's or Early Years Centre's