Moudi (14) has been a registered carer with Carer Gateway caring for his brother Josh (12) who is autistic and has ADHD. By receiving carer support, Moudi has been able to connect with others, participate in activities and receive assistance with his schoolwork. 

Aside from his caring role, Moudi has a busy life juggling school, homework, seeing friends, walking the dogs in his local neighbourhood and playing sport however his mother and brother have been his top priority since he was a young boy. 

“I have been helping my brother since I was 10 and over the years I have developed the idea that my main job is to support my mum in any way I can,” he said.

Young carer Moudi with his family and a TBS staff member

Image: Moudi (far right), with his mum, younger brother and Carer Gateway Youth Care Worker, James.

Although he has an unbreakable bond with his brother, over the last four years his role as carer has become multilayered dealing with the challenges that often is associated with caring for a sibling. Since being part of the Carer Gateway family, Moudi has been able to participate in outdoor excursions, learn how to tackle the tough times and feel supported from other teenagers in similar caring roles.

“Through the activities Carer Gateway run I can talk to the other kids there who are my age who share similar experiences as me. It’s great to connect with them and it’s helped a lot in managing and adjusting to my brother’s needs.”  

Moudi has participated in outdoor excursions such as surfing lessons and horse-riding through Carer Gateway which has proven to be an enjoyable outlet for him and a way to switch off from his role as carer. Carer Gateway has also provided Moudi additional learning resources to support  his schoolwork and assessments.

“I was lucky to receive free tutoring to help with homework and assessments and a laptop to keep up with my studies and communicate with friends online.” 

Carer Gateway also run counselling and wellness workshops to help with dealing with the tough moments.

“My advice to people my age is to take the support you can get and to not be afraid to ask for help,” Moudi added.

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