At The Benevolent Society we understand the need for disability support services in regional and remote communities. Our Psychologist, Dami, services the Broken Hill community and other regional communities through our Fly In Fly Out and Telehealth service delivery. 
We sat down with Dami, to find out a little more about him and his experiences. 

1. What made you want to become a psychologist for people with disability? 

Growing up in my home country, Nigeria, there were so many cases of individuals living with disability but due to cultural norms, amongst other things, there were not many funds invested in their care. I had a younger brother who had a form of disability due to his heart condition and I remember how difficult it was getting him into school, the stigma and burden of care faced by the family because of his care. There were just a few organisations involved in the care of individuals living with disability thus making training and support in that field limited.  

Coming to Australia and being given the opportunity to help individuals living with disability was an opportunity I was not going to pass by. I believed it would give me the platform to help people and grow as a better psychologist.  

2. What do you think are the most important skills to have in your job? 

There are many skills but the ones that I have personally noticed for myself are empathy, selflessness, active listening, being non-judgmental and being able to be present for the participant. 

3. What do you love most about your profession and what keeps you motivated? 

There are many things I love about my profession. Being able to improve the wellbeing of individuals over a period, giving them the opportunity to share and express how they feel within a safe space and working together with the client during sessions to achieve positive outcomes. One major thing that keeps me motivated is seeing the progress and growth the clients make over time as the sessions progress.

4. You're based in Broken Hill and you are covering areas further afield via our Fly In Fly Out Service, what are the benefits in your mind about this kind of service delivery?  

One of the self-care strategies that has helped me over the years has been exploration. Australia is a huge country with amazing nature and sceneries. Being able to explore these regions is therapeutic for me as an individual. Also, one of my career goals is to keep developing myself by learning and interacting with different clients. I am of the belief that these trips would give me the chance to meet people from diverse cultures, peculiar needs and goals which I find exciting.  

5. Finally, can you share any client stories (names/specific details not necessary) which have stood out for you in your career? 

One of the clients that stood out for me over the years is a 16-year-old boy diagnosed with testicular cancer and I had to do end of life care for him. It was one of the most challenging times of my career as a psychologist because being with him brought back memories of my late brother. 

The Benevolent Society thanks Dami for sharing his story.  

If you would like to learn more about the disability services we provide as well as to make a referral, click here. Or you can call 1800 236 762 to speak to a friendly staff member who is ready to answer your questions.