Our teams at The Benevolent Society are full of hard-working, dedicated people – and Bronwyn Hilton is one of them.    

A highly valued Administration Assistant at our Hurstville office, Bronwyn’s colleagues will tell you that she is the glue that keeps everything together, ensuring they have everything they need to support our clients to live life their way. 

In turn, Bronwyn’s living her best life, too. 


Empowered to thrive

Bronwyn is a woman of many talents. If she’s not behind the camera, perfecting her landscape photography or creating a short film, she’s practising a dance routine for her next concert.

Or she’s at work, managing the mail, ensuring our office supplies are well stocked, and supporting various administration projects. Her confidence has soared as she’s taken on challenges, learnt new skills and thrived in a respectful, compassionate and inclusive team. 

“It’s a great job,” Bronwyn says. “I work with a lot of nice people. I love the role, and I love working here.”

Bronwyn has Down syndrome, and says she feels encouraged and supported to be who she is at The Benevolent Society. 

“I have made a lot of friends here. That’s what I enjoy the most. It makes me happy. I keep saying to myself, ‘I’m happy, I’m beautiful, I’m awesome!’”


A contribution that counts

Bronwyn has always been determined to live life to the fullest. Growing up in St George, New South Wales, she completed a computer course at TAFE before beginning her career at a printing company when she was 18. 

Eager to learn and contribute to her community, Bronwyn joined Ageing Disability and Home Care NSW in 2009, which became part of The Benevolent Society in 2017. With her can-do attitude and bubbly personality, she quickly became a vital member of our Hurstville Admin team.

“It is amazing having Bronwyn on our team,” says Michelle Gardner, Administration Support Services Manager. “She really takes the pressure off the rest of our team by doing those important office tasks. And she’s such a delight – always smiling and chatting with everyone, like a little light in the office. We’re so proud of Bronwyn.”

Like many people, Bronwyn finds changes at work a bit of a challenge. Yet, with the support of the people around her, she’s successfully navigated changes within her team and the organisation.

“When people leave, that is sad. But I like it when new people join. I always go up and introduce myself.” 

A rich and full life

Photography is Bronwyn’s number-one passion. Her Nikon camera is her pride and joy, while she uses her phone to take selfies to share with friends. 

“I’m a bit of a poser!” Bronwyn chuckles. “Photography is my passion. I am top of the class. I love taking photos of landscapes and people, but my favourite thing is taking photos of my seven nieces and nephews.”

Bronwyn is also an award-winning filmmaker. Her short film, The Down Syndrome Movie, won two awards in Sutherland Shire Council’s 2021 ShireABILITY Film Festival – a celebration of ability, inclusion and community.

“Me and my BFF (Best Friend Forever), Patricia, produced a film together without anybody helping us,” Bronwyn says. “We were very excited when we were asked to go to the Council office. We went to see the Mayor and were told we had won the People’s Choice Award and First Prize!”

Dancing is another of Bronwyn’s passions. As an avid member of the Star Performers and Twinkle Stars Dance Studio, Bronwyn loves gracing the stage for the studio’s annual dance concert and is proud of her ‘most improved’ award.

With so many rich experiences, Bronwyn truly is living life her way. The support she gives and receives at The Benevolent Society empowers her to design her career in the way that suits her best. 

Bronwyn’s advice for anyone considering a role with us? Go for it!

“Come in and try it. It’s a good organisation with nice people. You will have a great experience here.” 

Are you interested in working with us? 

If you’re passionate about driving social change and supporting people to live their best lives, explore a career with The Benevolent Society today.