The Power of Music

Music can soothe a mood, start a party or paint a picture. But did you know it can help strengthen physical and mental health, communication and well-being?   

An evidence-based allied health profession, Music Therapy is used to address and support the physical, emotional, and social needs of people across all age groups for a wide range of different challenges and conditions. 
Before Music Therapy, Ronnel Gonzales was a shy young man with minimal language skills and a very isolated social life. He was reserved, struggled to connect with people, and always had someone there to speak for him as a result.  
With the support of one our Music Therapists, Vanessa, Ronnel has become more confident, built on his social skills, and has shown more of his playful personality since beginning regular sessions last year. 

“You’re not training clients to play an instrument,” says Vanessa. “Music is the catalyst to help empower our clients and improve their well-being.”  

More Than a Melody

During the sessions, Ronnel learns individual notes from songs, and then how to play them together on a piano.  

This has helped him improve his fine motor skills and gain more hand control, as he suffers from tremors. Starting with simple songs like Jingle Bells, Ronnel has built his knowledge, confidence and skill. Now he can play a handful of songs on the piano by following visual cues. 

But the benefits are more than physical – they’re also social. Ronnel has a passion for music and choosing what he sings and plays is a way of connecting with others and showing his personality. 

Ronnel also has a speech impediment, which has made communication difficult. Singing at a certain tempo has helped him work on his speech, articulation, and added to his confidence. 

To encourage Ronnel in the early days of his lessons, Vanessa created a reward system where if he played a certain number of music notes correctly, she would make him a cup of coffee. Ronnel accepted, and he’s now come such a long way that he’s proactively asking for coffee these days.  

“With music therapy, being who he is and being valued in sessions has helped him show this whole new personality,” said Vanessa. 

Ronnel’s confidence has grown so much he was able to perform for an audience. When asked how music makes him feel, he smiled and said: “Happy.”

To find out more about our Music Therapy program call 1800 236 762 or visit our Music Therapy page here.