Each year in September we celebrate Early Childhood Educators Day to recognise and honour the fantastic work of our Early Childhood Educators throughout Australia. Their contribution to the wellbeing and development of our children deserves to be acknowledged.

At The Benevolent Society, we are privileged to work alongside some of the best educators in the country and their dedication, passion and commitment to each child that passes through our doors is inspiring to witness. 

Acacia Ridge Early Years Centre Kindergarten & Long Day Care

The Acacia Ridge Early Years Centre Kindergarten & Long Day Care offers play-based community program for the whole family to engage in. Co-located with our Early Years Centre, families who attend the Kindergarten and Long Day Care receive a truly holistic service, with access to Child Health Nurses, Child & Family Practitioners and Child Development Specialists to support any developmental concerns parents may have.

Viv, whose daughter, Nina, attends our Long Day Care says: “When you have a little one, to build a sense of community, to build a sense that there are people there to support you makes the really lonely days, the really hard days, the really quiet days feel as though they’re okay.”

Our Team Leader, Fiona, says the Long Day Care and Kindergarten provides a genuine, caring and loving environment that feels like home.

“Our educators set out to build very nurturing and caring relationships with each child,” they're responsive to the children's needs first; the program, learning and education second. The children will always come first with us.”

Nurturing and Supporting Children

Each child enters an environment where they can feel empowered to be who they are and  celebrate their individuality.

Early Childhood Educator, Josiah, says: “My hope is that every child comes in and feels safe from the moment they enter the door. I think that a child feeling safe, leads to them feeling confident and that leads to them flourishing and being able to do awesome things and think in really awesome ways”.

At our centres, we walk alongside our children and our families in our education and care setting, because each child’s and each family’s situation is unique.

“If we know a family likes to raise their children and support them and what their goals are, then we’re able to support that within our programs”, says Fiona.

Thank you to all our Early Childhood Educators across The Benevolent Society and around the country and happy Early Childhood Educators Day!