Thanks to The Benevolent Society Jackie was able to live in her own home.

When Jackie reached an age where her fragility caught up with her, she turned to The Benevolent Society to help her stay in her own home. Jackie’s ability to live a full and healthy life has slowly been replaced by limited mobility, neck and back pain, and more recently her ability to look after her personal care has been compromised by her fragility.

Jackie has been a client of The Benevolent Society for seven years. During this time her mobility has decreased and her needs have intensified, particularly in regards to personal care and the risk of falls. 

Because The Benevolent Society believes that everyone deserves to live their best life possible, we have advocated for Jackie and worked with her to increase her level of care and improve her lifestyle.


Jackie still leads the best life she can, despite needing full-time care to provide essential help during the evenings and on weekends. Our community nurses and staff try to keep her spirits up by making sure that she still looks her best – she loves getting her hair done and having a cuppa and a chat. Nothing much misses Jackie’s attention, from new shoes to a new hairstyle.

It is important to us that  Jackie does not feel 'managed'  by her carers, so The Benevolent Society makes sure that everyone who cares for Jackie, have not only the industry-acknowledged Certificate 4 backed by at least four years’ experience, but also a kind and inclusive attitude.  

The demands on our carers are very high, as many of our very senior clients like Jackie have complex health needs that require skill, patience, professionalism, and care.

For Jackie, being able to live at home is her greatest wish. Her daughter works closely with our team but she does not have the capacity to provide full-time care for her mother.

As Jackie says, with her infectious smile: ”Without The Benevolent Society, I would have been shipped off to a nursing home long ago. Thanks to Sarah and her lovely team of people. I am still able to live in my own home. I am so lucky.”

*Names and images have been changed to protect members of the family