Creating inclusive graduate pathways

Anna joined The Benevolent Society’s Graduate Pathways Program in early 2023 with a passion to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Although the graduate program was just the beginning of Anna’s journey to become an occupational therapist, Anna knew working in a place that was inclusive and receptive to gender diverse identities was imperative.

Anna identifies as non-binary (they/them) and feeling supported within the Graduate Pathways Program was essential to them to feel safe, welcomed, and a valued part of the team.

“I needed to find a place that valued me as an individual especially around supporting the use of my pronouns,” they said.


The Graduate Pathways Program provides career paths for people who have an interest in developing their careers in the community services sector through training and onboarding support. 

It also focuses on high quality supervision to ensure students feel nurtured no matter how they identify through inclusive recruiting processes and accessible avenues to connect with like-minded peers including practitioners, specialists, clinicians, therapists and student supervisors.

Anna, who now resides in Goulburn, enjoys the flexibility associated with their job. With the exposure to additional training opportunities through the graduate program, Anna has noticed a huge impact on the clients and families they support every day.

Anna holding books and walking through a park.<
Image: Anna holding books and walking through a park.

“It’s a different feel working in Goulburn; it’s very client-centered and strength-based,” they said. “The additional training has positively impacted the clients and families I work with, and it’s been really meaningful for me personally to see the work I do every day make a difference.”

Anna has found the Graduate Pathways Program to be a journey of professional growth as a clinician and a respectful place to thrive as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“If you’re thinking about signing up to the graduate program, go for it. I really feel like I can work here for a long time,” they said.

The Graduate Pathways Program supports learning and development for all students entering the workforce and creates the space for individuals to openly express their identities truthfully and authentically making for a more enriching journey.

To find out more about this program or to apply for positions, you can either submit an expression of interest using the form on this page, or you can visit our Current Opportunities page.