43 years of caring for families

Kathy always wanted to care for others. It was a tough moment early in her career that put her focus on children and families. 

“Before I joined The Benevolent Society I was helping to care for a young mother of 3 children who was dying of cancer,” she says. 

“It was very tough for the family — I could see her husband wasn’t coping. But I did everything I could to help the family in the worst time of their lives.”

Caring for that family put Kathy on the path to a 43-year career supporting others.

Kathy 2

Kathy and CJ (Marketing Coordinator) at The Benevolent Society office in Hurstville.


Knocking on the door

Kathy recalls a magical beginning to her journey working with The Benevolent Society. 

“I was walking in Bondi and something drew me to a big house. I knocked on the door and it turned out to be owned by The Benevolent Society. So I asked if they had any jobs going,” she says.

At 2.30pm on 24 January 1976, Kathy started her first role helping us support Australians to lead their best life. 

In her role at Scarba House, Kathy was tasked with the physical and emotional care of 25 3-5 year olds. 


Caring for the carers 

For the past 10 years, Kathy has played a mentoring role for other child and family specialists whilst also managing her own cases. 

Community connections fuel Kathy

Kathy has more to give and is considering volunteering in the community.

“For me, community work is what life is all about. There are so many people that need help from someone who will respect them. The Benevolent Society was the right place for me to do that — it’s who I am,” she says.

“I recently lost my husband and he was cared for by the most amazing palliative care nurses. I may volunteer in that space.”


A life of care and compassion

Kathy is leaving with fond memories of her colleagues and the families and children she helped.

"It's been a wonderful journey and I don't regret a moment of the 43 years and 8 months. The best part is meeting families and seeing children do well, and building friendships with people I've met through work"

“I’m not Mother Theresa, but I do my best!”

Congratulations Kathy on your retirement and a working life full of care and compassion.