Research and evaluation

We carry out high quality research on important social issues and evaluate the programs we deliver. This helps us identify what's working well and where there are gaps, so we can continually improve what we do, use the evidence to contribute to public debates about important issues and influence social change. You can search for our research and evaluation reports below. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us.

  • Jun 2009

    Apartments for Life: econmic and budgetary implications

    An assessment of economic and budegetary implcations of The Benevolent Society's Apartments for Life proposal. Prepared by ACIL Tasman.

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  • Oct 2008

    Children's agency in communities

    Overview of literature, policy and practice contexts which explain and shape the Australian approach to supporting children living in disadvantaged communities.

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  • Aug 2008

    Pathways to community participation

    Explores the benefits of community participation for children, families and communities, and outlines best practice principles for service providers. Prepared for Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth.

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  • Jul 2008

    Partnerships in Early Childhood evaluation - full report

    Results of an evaluation of The Benevolent Society’s Partnerships in Early Childhood (PIEC) program. PIEC promotes relationships between children, child care centre staff, families and communities.

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  • Feb 2008

    Children's lived experience of poverty

    Overview of the literature about children's experiences of poverty. Prepared by Catherine McDonald, NSW Commission for Children and Young People and The Benevolent Society!

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  • Nov 2007

    Creating better communities: social capital study

    Findings of a 3 year study by Sydney University and The Benevolent Society on what makes communities caring and inclusive, and the role that non-profit organisations can play.

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  • Feb 2006

    Living at Scarba Home for Children

    A history of Scarba Welfare House for Children 1917-1986, written by The Benevolent Society in response to the 2004 Forgotten Australians report.

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