Community education

We've developed a range of resources to give people information about important issues affecting their lives, from fact sheets on searching records for people affected by adoption to practical guidance to ensure you control who makes decisions for you later in life. If you can't find the resource you're looking for, contact us.

  • Oct 2013

    Information for adopted adults who are thinking of searching for their birth parents in NSW

    By The Benevolent Society Adopted adults thinking of searching for their parents in NSW can consider the options and implications using this step-by-step info sheet.

    Download PDF - 183.79 KB

  • Oct 2013

    Partners of Adoptees

    By The Benevolent Society Adoption affects many more people than those who are immediately involved. One group who can feel neglected are the spouses and partners of adoptees. If you are part of this group, this information is for you.

    Download PDF - 117.95 KB

  • Jul 2013

    Siblings of an adoption that took place in QLD

    By The Benevolent Society Many adopted people hope they may find siblings. Read more about rights and experiences.

    Download PDF - 175.83 KB

  • Oct 2011

    Speaking for myself: planning for later life decision making

    By The Benevolent Society A guide to help older people plan for the future, if a time comes when they are unable to make decisions themselves. Order hardcopies directly from Updated in 2013.

    Download PDF - 729.51 KB

  • May 2010

    Post Adoption Issues Recommended Reading

    By The Benevolent Society The Benevolent Society recommends the following books in this information sheet on post adoption issues. We operate our own post adoption bookshop and a library of books, serials, newsletters, cassettes and videos. New members are always welcome.

    Download PDF - 234.11 KB

  • Mar 2010

    Adoptive Parenting and Infertility

    By The Benevolent Society The decision to apply to become adoptive parents is often one made after many medical investigations and procedures and much soul searching following a diagnosis of infertility. Read this sheet to learn more about Adoptive Parenting and Infertility.

    Download PDF - 81.22 KB

  • Mar 2010

    Parents affected by a Contact Veto in NSW

    By The Benevolent Society For those parents considering making contact with the child who was placed up for adoption, knowing that their son or daughter has lodged a contact veto can be devastating. This information sheet is for parents affected by a contact veto in NSW.

    Download PDF - 77.44 KB

  • Feb 2010

    Intermediary Service Information

    By The Benevolent Society The Benevolent Society's post adoption servoces offer intermediary service for people who would like assistance in making an approach to birth relatives. Read this document for more details.

    Download PDF - 193.77 KB

  • Feb 2010

    Adolescence and Adoption

    By The Benevolent Society Our survey of adoptive families in 2001, as well as our general practice with families, clearly point to adolescence as the time families most want counselling. Read this information sheet to learn more about adolescence and adoption.

    Download PDF - 68.83 KB

  • IS28_Recommended_Reading.pdf

    By The Benevolent Society Reading Reading

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