Community education

We've developed a range of resources to give people information about important issues affecting their lives, from fact sheets on searching records for people affected by adoption to practical guidance to ensure you control who makes decisions for you later in life. If you can't find the resource you're looking for, contact us.

  • Dec 2013

    Post Reunion Relationships

    By The Benevolent Society Adoption reunions are the beginning of a new relationship and the information included in this sheet is provided to assist you on your relationship building journey following your reunion.

    Download PDF - 124.39 KB

  • Dec 2013

    Women who have placed more than one child

    By The Benevolent Society Adoption legislation in NSW/ACT and QLDnow makes it possible for parents to seek information and make contact with chidlren placed for adoption more than 18 years ago. This info sheet is for women who have placed more than one child.

    Download PDF - 124.08 KB

  • Dec 2013

    Adopted people affected by a contact veto in NSW

    By The Benevolent Society For people who have been adopted intent on making contact with their birth parent, discovering that a contact veto has been lodged can be a devastating blow. This information sheet is to support adopted people who have been affected by a contact veto.

    Download PDF - 77.65 KB

  • Nov 2013

    Information for Adoptive Parents in NSW

    By The Benevolent Society Many adoptive parents have questions about the rights of adopted people over the age of 18 and birth parents to access identifying information about each other. If this is you, please read our information resource.

    Download PDF - 158.31 KB

  • Nov 2013

    Information About The Advance Notice in NSW

    By The Benevolent Society The Advance Notice provision allows the advance notice of two months in which adoptive parents, an adopted person or a birth parent may prepare themselves before the release of identifying information and possible contact by a searcher.

    Download PDF - 93.03 KB

  • Nov 2013

    Intercountry Post Adoption Services

    By The Benevolent Society Our post adoption services offer counselling to anyone affected by adoption. This information sheet explains The Benevolent Society's Intercountry Post Adoption Services and our position on inter-country adoption.

    Download PDF - 134.89 KB

  • Nov 2013

    Transracial Adoption Reading and Resources

    By The Benevolent Society In this information sheet we've included a range of intercountry adoption reading and resources which include personal stories and some of the challenges of race and transracial adoption.

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  • Nov 2013

    UK adoptions

    By The Benevolent Society This sheet provides information for people who were adopted in the UK and UK birth relatives wanting to search.

    Download PDF - 90.60 KB

  • Oct 2013

    The reality of your child's adoption

    By The Benevolent Society After many years of wondering about your adopted child, you have now made contact. Like some other parents, you have found your child has not had the life you always hoped for. Read more about the reality of your child's adoption in this sheet.

    Download PDF - 126.09 KB

  • Oct 2013

    Access to Adoption Information in Australia

    By The Benevolent Society Read this information sheet for brief legislative summaries and contact details of major agencies that provide adoption information in Australian states and territories.

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