Community education

We've developed a range of resources to give people information about important issues affecting their lives, from fact sheets on searching records for people affected by adoption to practical guidance to ensure you control who makes decisions for you later in life. If you can't find the resource you're looking for, contact us.

  • Feb 2014

    Release of Information About Unacknowledge Birth Fathers

    By The Benevolent Society In past adoption practice, it was unusual for an adopted person's birth father to be named on the original birth certificate and subsequently on their Supply Authority. This sheet explains the release of information about unacknowledged fathers in NSW.

    Download PDF - 179.93 KB

  • Feb 2014

    Responding to contact from a relative

    By The Benevolent Society Are you party to an adoption; perhaps an adopted person parent or a sibling? Are you wondering how to respond to contact from a birth relative? Responding to contact from a relative can be challenging but we've got more information for you.

    Download PDF - 84.56 KB

  • Jan 2014

    Important Information about Electoral Rolls

    By The Benevolent Society Read this sheet for important information concerning the electoral rolls as advised by the Australian Electoral Commission regarding searching parties to their adoption.

    Download PDF - 82.81 KB

  • Jan 2014

    Counselling - What to Expect

    By The Benevolent Society We are a specialist post adoption service, with a focus on all aspects related to your adoption experience. This information sheet sets out what to expect from counselling if you decide to come to us for support.

    Download PDF - 130.60 KB

  • Jan 2014

    Information on lodging a Contact Veto for parents in NSW

    By The Benevolent Society This sheet provides information for parents on lodging a contact veto in NSW.

    Download PDF - 86.84 KB

  • Jan 2014

    Pros and cons of contacting adoptive parents

    By The Benevolent Society Thinking about approaching adoptive parents? Read this information sheet to learn the pros and cons of contacting adoptive parents.

    Download PDF - 30.02 KB

  • Jan 2014

    Information for Parents considering a reunion

    By The Benevolent Society The decision to search for the now adult child you placed for adoption is a momentous one and requires adequate preparation. Read this information sheet for parents considering a reunion to get more support.

    Download PDF - 81.29 KB

  • Dec 2013

    Am I really adopted

    By The Benevolent Society If someone recently told you that you are adopted and you didn't previously know that information you probably reacted with shock and doubt. If you are wondering 'am I really adopted?", then this information sheet is for you.

    Download PDF - 129.98 KB

  • Dec 2013

    Information for Parents searching for their adult children in NSW

    By The Benevolent Society To search or not to search. Everyone's experience of adoption is different. This information sheet details for those parents who are thinking of searching for their adult sons and daughters in NSW

    Download PDF - 126.99 KB

  • Dec 2013

    Writing To An Adopted Person

    By The Benevolent Society When writing to your child who was adopted, in our experience, a first approach is more likely to gain a favourable response if made via a letter. This information sheet provides valuable advise on the best way to make this contact.

    Download PDF - 140.64 KB