Community education

We've developed a range of resources to give people information about important issues affecting their lives, from fact sheets on searching records for people affected by adoption to practical guidance to ensure you control who makes decisions for you later in life. If you can't find the resource you're looking for, contact us.

  • Oct 2014

    Information for Adopted People Considering a Reunion

    By The Benevolent Society The decision to search for a birthparent often takes courage and requires adequate preparation. It is important to be clear what your reasons are and the impacts. Be sure to read this sheet for adopted people considering a reunion.

    Download PDF - 81.30 KB

  • Sep 2014

    Discovering You Are Adopted

    By The Benevolent Society Discovering late in life that you are adopted can be a tremendous and devastating shock. This information is for those who are discovering they are adopted for the first time.

    Download PDF - 240.19 KB

  • Jul 2014

    Writing To Your Parent

    By The Benevolent Society Many people choose to amek their first approach to birth parents through a letter. This information sheet helps provide support in writing to your parent for the first time.

    Download PDF - 109.52 KB

  • May 2014

    Counselling with the Benevolent Society

    By The Benevolent Society We are a specialist post adoption service with a focus on all aspects related to your adoption experience. Read this information sheet to learn about counselling with The Benevolent Society.

    Download PDF - 17.88 KB

  • Apr 2014

    Disenfranchised Grief

    By The Benevolent Society Grief and loss is recognised as one of the core issues in any form of adoption experience. Learn more about grief and disenfrancised grief by reading this information sheet.

    Download PDF - 140.70 KB

  • Mar 2014

    Partners of Parents

    By The Benevolent Society This information sheet is for the partners of parents, or birth mothers affected by adoption who may sometimes feel neglected.

    Download PDF - 102.01 KB

  • Mar 2014

    Help supporting a child through loss

    By The Benevolent Society Adoption is a profoundly life changing event for all involved. Read this information sheet for advice on supporting a child through the loss associated with adoption.

    Download PDF - 77.74 KB

  • Feb 2014

    Parc Bookshop of Resources

    By The Benevolent Society Check out the wide range of post adoption resources we have available for sale in our Sydney bookshop. These have been created and brought together because of their special relevance.

    Download PDF - 170.09 KB

  • Feb 2014

    Books for Children

    By The Benevolent Society Read this information sheet for a comprehensive list of books for children who are adopted. Please contact us for more as we have a wide and varied library.

    Download PDF - 183.20 KB

  • Feb 2014

    Information for Adopted People on Lodging a Contact Veto in NSW

    By The Benevolent Society This sheet provides information for adopted people about lodging a contact veto in NSW for adoptions prior to 2010.

    Download PDF - 87.08 KB