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Adoption Connections Meetings

We run connections meetings in regions around both NSW and QLD for anyone considering search and reunion. These meetings are an opportunity for people affected by adoption, and their family members, to find out more about search and reunion, and connect with others in a similar situation. You will be able to listen to guest speakers share their experiences, and explore our range of resources and books.

Yoga Classes

The aim of providing yoga for Post Adoption support clients is to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress and to ensure the class is tailored as much as possible to meet the needs of the individuals taking part. Each group class will be followed by a class for an individual so that personal needs can really be met and understood. For anyone affected by adoption wanting to learn yoga.

Therapeutic Parenting Group

Therapeutic Parenting is based on a principle that parenting children who have difficult background such as trauma, neglect and/or abuse requires some different skills and knowledge to that of parenting children with safe and secure background. This course is for parents of children who are adopted and have experienced trauma, neglect and/or abuse and was developed in response to the needs of carers/parents for support around the emotional, social and behavioural challenges their children may display. The course is built around core challenges of attachment, trauma, grief and loss, regulation/disregulation, identity and pervasive shame which are recognised being common underpinnings to the behavioural, emotional and social challenges.


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