Child and Family


From playgroups and parenting education to family counselling and household budgeting, we help families to build strong relationships

For more than 200 years The Benevolent Society has supported those most in need. Our Child and Family teams are well known for their work to improve the safety of children in their families through our early intervention programs. Our programs seek to build resilience and break the intergenerational impact of entrenched disadvantage.

The Resilience Practice Framework was developed for all of our staff working in child and family services. It aims to achieve the best possible outcomes for children by building a protective network around them. The Framework aims to achieve five important outcomes for children: to have secure and stable relationships, increase self-efficacy, increase safety, increase self-regulation, and improve empathy.

The Resilience Practice Framework is helping us to understand how we can best tailor our services to people living in different areas and in different family situations.

Our pioneering Resilient Families program, funded by the ground-breaking Social Benefit Bond, is a model of how we aspire to innovate and support families to safely parent their children with in the family and reduce the numbers of children entering out of home care in Australia.

As part of our Strategic Plan for 2016-2019, we are committed to reducing the number of children entering out-of-home care, especially children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.