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Smart Start

Quality early learning and childcare should be made more affordable for all families because it benefits children and the nation.

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The first five years is when 80% of a child’s brain development occurs.
However, Australia ranks poorly and spends less on early learning compared to most developed nations.

The Smart Start campaign is calling on the government to:

  1. Increase funding for early learning and childcare
  2. Provide more support and access to early learning and childcare for children who are vulnerable
  3. Continue to support quality through improved ratios and qualified educators
Productivity Commission (PC) inquiry into childcare and early childhood learning

The PC made a series of recommendations to government in their final report, February 2015.

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Our submissions to the inquiry

Our submissions to the inquiry discuss the critical role of high quality early childhood education, particularly for children experiencing disadvantage.

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Acting early for kids and communities

Giving kids the best possible start in life is good for kids and families now, but it’s also good for families and communities later. Everyone benefits.

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Putting a value on early childhood education and care in Australia

Research by PwC discusses the wide ranging benefits to Australia of investing in quality early learning.

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Jamaican study

The report discusses how early childhood education can compensate for developmental delays, boost earnings and reduce inequality.

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Acting early, changing lives

This research investigates the potential of early intervention to improve the outcomes of Australian children, especially those children experiencing significant levels of disadvantage.

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