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Acting early, changing lives

Prevention and early action saves money and improves wellbeing

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Acting early for kids and communities

Many ‘grown-up’ problems like family violence, unemployment, obesity, mental health issues and crime can actually stem from what happens during early childhood.

Giving kids the best possible start in life is good for kids and families now, but it’s also good for families and communities later. Everyone benefits. 

Charles Pascal
Professor Charles Pascal in Sydney

Early childhood expert, Professor Charles Pascal, speaks about the learnings and successes of early action and intervention programs in Ontario.

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Parents & children
The economic and social impact of early action

Download Professor Charles Pascal’s presentation on the impact of early action in Canada, and the importance of supporting good parenting.

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Jessica Rowe
Jessica Rowe talks about early action

Jessica Rowe shares some of her thoughts about the importance of early action when it comes to personal struggles.

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Cassie and her family
Early action stories

It is critical that families get the right support at the right time, before things get out of hand.

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Help needed to get kids school ready

A Benevolent Society program in Early Childhood Centres is better preparing children for school.

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Childcare worker and child
Early Childhood Professional Development

We specialise in outcomes focused, on-site professional development and training for frontline staff.

Early action in the media

Poorest kids hit by childcare reform

Restricting childcare benefits for out-of-work parents would have dire consequences for disadvantaged children

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Help needed to get kids school ready

WATCH: A Benevolent program in EC Centres prepares children for school.

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Future-proof Australia against inequality

Now is the opportunity to future-proof Australia against entrenched inequality.

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Latest research

Australian Futures Project

Early Childhood Development papers examine the system to improve child outcomes

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Putting a value on ECEC in Australia

Putting vulnerable children into quality EC education adds $13.3 Billion to our GDP

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Low-income children benefit from quality early learning

Adelaide Uni finds quality ECEC helps close developmental gaps for children from socio-economic disadvantage.

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