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Early learning and parenting support

Cassie and her parents

Cassie is 8-years-old. Just over a year ago, things were getting pretty bad at home. Cassie felt anxious all of the time. Her parents, Sarah and Paul, were fighting constantly. They were always stressed and unhappy and shouting at each other. Cassie was missing a lot of school and falling further behind. The Benevolent Society’s support helped to turn things around for the family at home and for Cassie at school.

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Community Support

Karen with her children
"The best thing that’s ever happened to us was when the Housing Department got us a house here in this neighbourhood. We had a stable home finally, and we got support here through The Benevolent Society, their partners in the Communities for Children program, and the local school, that we just never had before."

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Breaking the cycle of disadvantage

Nicole and her family
"I know that because I’ve received all this support, my children will not suffer like I did. When I’m sad, anxious or depressed, I’ll be able to explain to my children how I’m feeling. Unlike my own childhood I know I will be able to fill their lives with love and laughter."

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Early Years Centre

Debbie and her children
“The kids mean the world to me but I wasn’t enjoying it. My yelling made them scared I think. But they just yelled back. We were getting into a bad place. Then my neighbour told me about the Early Years Centre run by The Benevolent Society."

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Home visiting

Melisa and her children
Melisa was diagnosed with post-natal depression after Ezekiel’s birth. When she was expecting the twins, she knew the risks and prepared herself: “I wasn’t going to try to breastfeed, I began low dose medication.” Everything was under control … until her husband left the week before the twins were born. Fortunately a hospital social worker put Melisa in touch with the Early Years Centre and she was introduced to Angela, a volunteer who visits Melisa once a week.

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Learning parenting skills

Kim and Poppy

Kim was 26 when she became pregnant. The moment Kim discovered she was pregnant, she vowed to beat her drug addiction and leave the streets behind. She decided her baby was going to have a chance at a better life. With the help of Benevolent Society, she got herself into a rehab centre and began dreaming of a brighter future.

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